Clear Coat

Clear-Coat Mobile Protection

Clear-Coat products protect not just the screen, but the entire device including back, sides and front for invisible, bulk-free protection. Protect your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch and more from scratches without a case – Clear-Coat is so thin you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Powered by patented technology, military-grade materials, USA manufacturing and a Lifetime Guarantee – our custom screen protectors and full body covers can be professionally installed at one of our 700+ locally-owned locations spanning over 50 countries or purchased online and installed at home. Learn more about our full line of Original, Matte & Fusion Impact skins and see why millions of people agree Clear-Coat is the best screen protector in the world.


Added Grip = Less Drops
Clear-Coat adds grip so your device won’t slip out of your hands, but won’t grip your clothes so you can take it out of your pocket with ease.

HD Clarity
Our screen protectors enhance the clarity of your beautiful HD screen.

Lifetime Guarantee
Get a scratch in your Clear-Coat? Accidentally peeled it off? No worries – you can get a replacement at any time, for any reason, at a local mall kiosk or online.

Resists Fingerprints
We use a special coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges. Use your phone all day long without having to constantly wipe it down.

Custom-Cut for Every Device
Expertly designed and precision cut. Whether you have a tablet, watch, cell phone, laptop or practically anything else you can imagine, we make a Clear-Coat for it.

Made in the USA
All of our products are made in the USA, in our Philadelphia headquarters and parts are sourced as locally as possible.

360º Full Body Protection
Utilizing patented technology, Clear-Coat adds a layer of protection that’s practically invisible, covering the front, back and sides of your mobile device.

Military Grade
Don’t let it fool you, Clear-Coat is thin but mighty thanks to military grade strength.


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